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             Travel magnifies all my emotions. Anticipation, awe, excitement, joy, serenity they're all felt on a primal level. I feel at home when away from home. The people, the sights, the culinary traditions and creations all call to me and I am always there to answer. 

             Here, I highlight the trip I'm currently reminiscing on. Right now that's Alaska. This was a 7-Night Princess Cruise with my daughter who was turning 13 at the time. The trip was to commemorate her officially becoming a teenager. Only the majestic beauty of Alaska could match hers. 

            We started in Seattle for a few days and made sure we visited Biscuit B*tch for a salivating breakfast only to be found in the Pacific Northwest. From there we embarked on the sailing of a lifetime. Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagaway, Alaska Ski Resort, Glacier Bay, Haines and Whittier. We can't wait to return. It's been years and we talk about how much we loved it often. Enjoy.

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